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I found a white round pill with parentheses on it. One parentheses higher than the other. What is it

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kaismama 17 Apr 2014

We need an id marking to id it online. This would be a number.

Stone12d 18 Apr 2014

There isn't a number on it. It's just a small round white pill a line down the middle on one side and parentheses with the parentheses on the right raised above the parentheses on the left. The bottom of the right parentheses is touching the top of the left parentheses. There isn't any numbers on it.

kaismama 18 Apr 2014

Then if you're in the usa, its either illegal or a nutritional supplement. All other medication must have an id number

dk280 18 Apr 2014

Sounds like it could be ecstasy or some other synthetic illegal. Regulated pills usually have numbers or letters or both.

Stone12d 18 Apr 2014

OMG! I found it in my sons pants pocket. I was afraid it was something illegal so I flushed them down the toilet. Defiantly going to have a talk with him. Thank you for your help. free discount card

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