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I have found a round pink pill with TF on it what is it?

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MacIntosh12 7 Feb 2013

I tried to search for your pill I.D. yet came up with zip.
I did find a capsule shaped pill with TF on it, it was Triletptal, is that a possibility for your pill?

028mandy07 10 Feb 2013

No, I think I saw that capsul, I'll try and explain a wee bit more it is like TF only it's more like a T with a wee line in the middle so it looks like an F or like an F with a wee stick on the top left hand side so it also looks like a T, it's round and lightish pink, hope to hear from you soon and thanks for getting back to me

Timberfit 15 Jan 2015

I have just found exactly the same as you described, did you ever find out what it was ?

Ajc1980 26 Feb 2018

I have just found one in my house did you ever find out what this was please?

Wentworth 12 Jul 2018

I have also found a round pink pill. It's 16mm wide and tastes a bit sweet.
It has a combined T and F logo mark. I am from the UK. free discount card

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