I have been taking Paxil for almost 10 years and I became pregnant unexpectedly. I told my doctor about my pregnancy and he had me quite taking my Paxil and now I am going through very bad withdrawal symptoms. I'm not sure what to do, I cry all the time, I can't sleep, I feel like I am being shocked all the time, I have panic attacks every day and I have even started to lose weight because I can't hold anything down. I have tried to ask my doctor for help but he has not gotten a hold of me even though I have called him several times. Before I was taken off Paxil I had no problem with nausea or controling my emotions. I am not sure what to do to make these feelings stop, I have a history of PTSD, manic depression, anxiety disorder and being suicidal. I have even been in inpatient care at mental health before I was talking Paxil, I don't want to be like I used to and as the days go by I feel more and more like the way I used to.