Or anyone else interested in it? It's called Namenda and is given to Alzheimers patients at a dose of 20 mg. But given off-label for migraines at 5 mg. has provided me significant help. I have been on the med for about a month. The Headache Specialist at a major university prescribed it for me and said that he had seen significant improvement in some people who had "central migraines" like mine. He said that it should work in just 2 weeks which it did.

As some of you may know, I've had severe migraines that are especially difficult to treat since they were caused by a major stroke. Hurray on this one!

Now I am in the process of increasing it to 10 mg since my Butrans patch is causing major skin irritation. So I really need to take something to take the place of it since it has kept me out of the ER.