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Has any one found something natural to help them sleep?

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coloresue 15 Jun 2015

Some people take valerian or valerian root, or melatonin. They may help a minor problem. You can take an antihistamine once in a while, but not every day as it can backfire and keep you up. For a worse problem, there are medications, not sleep aids, that can help nightly. Sleep aids are not meant to be used night after night. Many have disturbing side effects.
A glass of milk, some people say warmed, or eating turkey are supposed to help.

Delila 15 Jun 2015

I would suggest trying Melatonin also. It is a naturally occurring chemical in our systems, and sometimes an extra boost of this can be very helpful in aiding sleep. It may take a few days to feel the benefit... and you must make sure that your bedroom is completely blacked out as any light will prevent it from working to it's full capacity

Linehaul56 22 Jun 2015

I have found since being on Ambien, the only natural way to fall asleep without any medication, for me, is to stay awake for three or four days then I get exhausted and actually fall asleep for a few hours naturally.

jcolson 28 Jun 2015

I seem to fall asleep better if I do meditation just before bed, about 20 minutes does it for me, some times when I am in bed I will take melatonin.

noworries 29 Jun 2015

no ciggies, no coffee after lunch, and reading or meditation for an hour or even half an hour before bed and i swear that early to bed early to rise the better i feel. i also make sure that bedtime never varies more than half an hour. i have had sleep problems for years and this routine WORKS... takes a week or two to take hold but is sooooo worth it, my life has totally changed since doing these simple things (ok giving up ciggies not so simple) but for me it was an easy choice between giving the putrid things away or never sleeping. free discount card

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