I've hallucinated since I can remember at twenty I found a medication to make it all stop. At first I felt free but that faded fast. Suddenly I was alone even around all my friends... because for the first time I had no one to tell all the things that swirled in my head. Things I wouldn't dare say out loud. I don't know anybody like me and when I give the sugar coated story to my friends my best friend they act supportive but I see the fear in their eyes. They look at me like I'm going to do the things I see and hear ... like I'm going to hurt them. I just wanted someone I could talk to who understands. Knows I'm not a bad person my mind works different but I'm not bad... so I stopped taking my meds. If anyone can relate to anything I'm saying please just talk to me. Tell me your experience tell me your struggle and if you can tell me what to do?