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I found a pill in my drawer I would likecto knowcwhat it is?

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Stephen Treloar 23 Apr 2016

Oh shit, my crystal ball has gone flat and it will take a special spell of divination to travel astrally to your room.
It's probably easier for you to add some detail like; "the imprint says this and it is this color and that shape... "

M_D_L-0922 7 Feb 2017

Bahahahaha!!! You're comment seriously made me spit my drink on my phone screen!! Thank you for the hilarious, sarcastic, asshole answer comment!! This made my day! I created an account just so I could comment on this and tell you that! Completely worth it! Lol!! Ok, I'll quit rambling now... have a great day! Thanks again!! Lol!!

Stephen Treloar 7 Feb 2017

Thank you. :-) free discount card

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