... to me and said hold out your hand i have something for you. Not thinking about it I did and she put what looked like a little dog treat bone in it and pressed it into my palm. She held the treat in a napkin. Suddenly back of my skull went numb and was like hypnotized just for maybe what i think was 5 to 10 seconds. I mindlessly put it in my pocket but she grabbed my hand and wanted it back. I did not resist because i was in a daze. That night it hit me and wondered what happened to me. I looked up trans dermal drugs and found Fentanyl, Propofol and variations of barbiturates. She has an elderly father she takes care of who may be taking these. She has the hots but for me but have declined.

Anyway does this sound plausible way to drug someone ? Are there other types out there. it really gave me the creeps that short of a bullet I could be de capacitated so easily