I started having a small pain in my left arm. I couldn't find a specific place but it soon became worse and went from the elbow to the wrist. Six weeks later the pain is EXCRUCIATING and in both arms, my right hip and my right knee and the left side of my rib cage. My blood work came back and I've had a high wbc for about 6 months and a very high uric acid count. The doctors where I live are terrible. This isn't just my opinion, it's common knowledge. I have epilepsy and they blame EVERY pain on seizures, knowing I know what pain is from seizures and what pain is different. I was prescribed Meloxicam 15 mg as needed and it was amazing how much it helped. More than any narcotic. Now the PROBLEM, it caused two to three seizures a day, almost every day. I had to stop taking it and after 3 days the seizures slowed down to normal. I'm 39 and my body feels 10 years older. I have no problem bouncing back from regular seizures but this pain is like nothing I've felt. Thank you for any info you can give me. Joey Kemp