i am on 20 mg citalopram for depression but also have some trichillomania..i always have my hands in my hair..it seems to feel different to me in places and drives me nuts... can't seem to stop even when i know i'm doing it.though i am not pulling it out..i am affecting the hairline on the side and back and throughout the back..constantly going thru it with my fingers. the citalopram for me hasn't changed anything... and i didn;t know it could... i tried N-acetylcholine an amino acid along with taking vitamin c as suggested with that, being studied for trichillomania but had adverse reactions of severe dizziness for three days straight that began after being on it for 6 days already so i had to stop that before it had a chance to begin working. now that they have capped the citalopram dosages for everyone at 40mg due to problems at higher doses... i'm reluctant to have my dose increased higher than the 20mg i'm on now. do u know of anything else being used for trichillomania? in a few days i will be adding abilify as an add on for my depression to the citalopram. wonder if that is a helper for trichillomania..have to check that out.