I still have an appitite. it also seems to get worse when i get upset or stressed, which seems to be all the time and getting worse. the meds i am already on are... kadian 60 mg, 2xday and soma 350 2 a day. those are for chronic back/hip pain which i will post a ? about all that later. i tried 150 mg ranitidine 2 a day with no relief. i went to the dr yesterday he prescribed omeprazole (i think thats what it was) 40 mg 1 a day, then 2 a day if it doesn't help. he said after that he'll do some tests that will come back negative anyway... i don't think he realized how miserable i am due to my back/hip pain and now this. does this sound normal? any help would be appreciated greatly! if i left any details out just ask me, i am new to this. this is the 2nd ? i wrote and so far i am unable to even get it posted! thanks to anyone who responds.