I have been on Avenzia 60mg/daily for the past the 3 years for chronic back pain. Just recently I took my last Avenzia (refill has not arrived) and two days later I had a hemorrhoidectomy which involved a spinal block. The surgeon prescribed Percocet 5/325mg every three hours for pain. Prior to being discharged I had to be able to urinate which I did. That was around 2:00 PM. But by 10:30 PM I had not urinated any further and was very uncomfortable. I was advised by the on-call M.D. to go to the E.R. to have a catheter inserted which I did. I told the E.R. doctor what was prescribed for my pain and not taking the Averzia for 2 days he replied “for you the Percocet is like candy”. He gave me Dilauded I.V. ukn/mg but I weight 310lbs. He said it would pretty much knock me out. Well I felt nothing from the Dialueded, I was then sent home with the cath in place.
So my questions, after being off the Avenzia now for 5 days shouldn’t I be feeling withdrawal effects? I am experiencing more back pain plus my rectum is on fire even with the Percocet. Secondly how come the Dilauded had no effect on me as at the time I was off the Avenzia for 3 days. I dought the Dilauded was a placebo as I didn’t ask for any pian medication.