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For muscle pain which specialist do I consult ?

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DzooBaby 24 Oct 2011

venkat123-Start with your primary care provider, if he isnt helping then you can consult a few different specialists. You could try a physiatrist or an orthopedic (they not only specialize in bones but in muscles too although I would consult the physiatrist first). You may also try consulting a neurologist to be sure the muscle pain doesnt derive from nerves or the brain/spinal cord in some way. Another Dr who is a good one to consult on muscle pain is a chiropracter or an osteopath (DO) who does manipulations. Many times they can resolve mucsle pain in one or two visits where it takes another kind of Dr months to resolve with medications etc. Really it depeds a lot on what kind of muscle pain you have but this list will at least get you started on the right path. Dzoo free discount card

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