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For how long a virgin girl must take the pill to have safe sex?

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annatfultz 10 Oct 2011

I think as long as u have started birth control u r ok, but it does not protect u from STD's. I would use a condom to be on the safe side.

annatfultz 10 Oct 2011

Jolly, u and dzoo r probably right. Its been ages since I took b.c. that's whys I didn't say for sure. I HIGHLY recommend a condom, or as dzoo said abstinence. I too wish I had waited. It would have made my wedding day that much more special. If u choose to have sex, please use a condom.

annatfultz 10 Oct 2011

Sorry Jilly, spellcheck named u jolly... lol

DzooBaby 10 Oct 2011

I know Anna, I truly wish I had waited but I thought then that I knew everything and everyone else was having sex, none of my friends were virgins any more and I thought waiting until you were married was old fashioned and silly then after I got married, I realized how special it really was. I hope she listens to us but she probably wont. things like that are usually learned the hard way.

Jillynnie 10 Oct 2011

It has been many years since I have taken the pill, but I was of the impression that you needed to be careful until after your first cycle. Is that no longer the case?
And, as Anna said... always protect yourself from STD"s as well, and the pill does not do that.

Hope this helps,

DzooBaby 10 Oct 2011

Many manufacturers say you are protected after 7 days but when I worked family planning we had our girls take a full pack to be absolutely sure. I would recommend that you wait until you have taken a full pack and had your first period since starting the pills so wait until you are starting your second pack then you are protected against pregnancy. I would advise you to still have your partners wear a condom since the pill doesnt protect against STDs. You cannot always tell by looking who can be harboring an STD. Many men can carry STDs and have no symptoms themselves. Also, if you are ever on an antibiotic, it lessens the effectiveness of the Pill so you have to use a back up (like a condom) while you are on the antibiotic and for 14 days after to be safe again. free discount card

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