I'm pretty sure at least 2 of you are smoking the e-cigs. When I say which one, I mean did you buy the expensive one, online, or possibly in a smoke speciality shop? Or did you buy the $19.99 one. Where I live the cheap one is sold by certain convenience stores. The 2 men I spoke to in person about them both bought the cheap ones. And those 2 guys said they really don't work. They said they don't satisfy the nicotine cravings. So maybe only the expensive ones do that. I need to find out.

Of course there may be a way around that, but then this won't be cheap anymore. I could use the e-cig to hold in my hand and to puff on something, and I can buy the Nicoderm patch for the nicotine cravings. I have used that patch and it did stop the cravings for the nicotine. I can't wear it when it's warm because I sweat too much and the sweat interferes with absorbing the nicotine, and then the patch comes off. But since Winter is coming that shouldn't be a problem.

I loathe the day I smoked my 1st cig. I can still remember realizing I had become hooked on it. I had to hide them completely from my parents. That was what made me realize I was hooked. I knew nothing of addiction back then. I seem to have the hardest times with addictions that involve smoking. I couldn't quit Pot neither. Now I can't quit tobacco. I hate myself for this.