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For acute poison ivy of the skin and eye lids, what dosage would you recommend?

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suzanne66 12 Sep 2011

Sorry can you provide more information. What is the name of the medicine?
Click on the link below:

litlmommag 12 Sep 2011

I too don't know what mediction you are on but try an oveno oatmeal bath to help with the rest of your body not the eyes then put caldryl on the rashes if it gets to bad please goto the dr for a shot or er dnt scratch and touch other parts it'll spread and whatever clothes you wore at the time of contact is contaminated dont wear them good luck litlmommag-

litlmommag 12 Sep 2011

Mary thank you so stating that my mind was all mess up couldnt remember the name of that to save my life... that is exactly what they need 2 thumbs up mary please see your dr so they can stop this poison ivy suffering quickly hope you feel better very soon!!

Inactive 12 Sep 2011

You should most likely contact your physician for a Medrol dose pak, which is prednisone that you take on a large to a reducing schedule over a weeks time... free discount card

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