my complaints about all the pain I am experiencing... I did have a bonescan and an MRI done by a rheumatologist which showed osthearthirtis in nearly every joint in my body and several disk from L1 to L5 showing slight bulging and stenosis... but noone helped me..I was sent to several Neurologilst who kept referring me back to be seen by Rheumotolisist and the Office manager at my Doc said that you just want painmeds... your blood work does not qualify you to be seen by a rheumotologist and she procceded to send me to a shrink who looked at my scans and MRI and referred me back to a rheumotologist... so finally I got into a huge fight with her and came to find out that the PE at my Doctors office never even looked at any of my results or read up on any of the paperwork that I had given to her... so I took matters in my own hands and insisted on seeing the Doctor and I showed him all the tests that had been done up to this point... so finally I was granted my request to have a new MRI done 6/17/11 and as I am reading the result I am so scared because the difference between the test done 2 years ago and what showed up on the new MRI made the Doctor stand up and take notice... now I am showing severe bulging on L1 to L5 with annular tears... my legs hurt so bad that I can barely walk anymore and I am scheduled to see an Ortho on monday and I don't know what to expect as a treatment option... several of the doc that saw me said the I am not a canidate for epidural injection and I do not want to have surgery... I am so scared that I will end up not being able to walk... I have spent all night looking at option available to me and all I am getting is that surgery is the only option... Can someone polease talk to me about a similar experience because I am at my wits end... why did noone take my seriously... I am so lost and tired of hurting all the time