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What foods and or drinks can affect anxiety and depression?

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Anonymous 16 Feb 2013

Hello green-13243. The second part of your inquiry/question is that caffeine, as in found in coffee can help to increase anxiety levels. Regards pledge

LaurieShay 16 Feb 2013

I suppose that the worst food (beverage) for depression is alcohol. While you may feel more relaxed while consuming it actually is a natural depressant. Otherwise, as Pledge said, caffeine can increase symptoms of anxiety while sugar can cause energy swings.

Mcroberts 16 Feb 2013

I agree keep away from fizzy drinks anything with caffeine. I have now went onto camomile tea

WildcatVet 16 Feb 2013

Hi, green! Have to agree with Laurie and pledge: caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.
Best wishes, WC

KLuce 17 Feb 2013

Encourage anxiety & depression? caffeine (sodas, coffee & teas), sugar and alcohol are the easy to remember on a daily basis.

Discourage anxiety & depression? I know I said sugar, but) a couple pieces of dark chocolate does calm your nerves, there is also a bacteria called Lacti-something (you can find it in some yogurts) that relieves anxiety: check the ingredients label.

Everybody is different on this one: make sure you are pooping at least every two times a days, anything that makes you constipated, I'm serious, encourages anxiety and depression. We have to flush all those yucky toxins out of out system. If you don't go for 5/6 days, it's not only uncomfortable, its highly suggested that you go to the ER (they will mix you up a good strong enema that is fast acting!)-I only know b/c I work in the ER, and constipation is nothing to take lightly.

Well, and to answer your original question it can make you feel anxious.

KLuce 17 Feb 2013

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