So I have posted twice previously about this topic. Basically, I have never had any withdrawal symptoms when I discontinue the use of any drugs... even if I quit cold turkey. I had been taking methadone for a year and a half, but wanted to go off it, so I wondered if that would be problem-free too. I got a lot of responses from people telling me about how awful methadone withdrawal is and got really scared. But I just couldn't keep taking it anymore, because all the meds I have had to take for nerve damage killed my metabolism and made me gain a lot of weight.
So I had been taking 120mgs of methadone daily for a year and a half. After reading all of the posts and horror stories (and upon my doctors orders) I didn't want to quit it cold turkey like everything else. But I did want to go off it rapidly. So I weened myself off of it in a little less than a month. I went first from taking 120mgs down to 80 or 60mgs, then down to 40mgs, and then I went off it entirely after a week on 40mgs. To my surprise, I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms the entire time. I also kicked all of my opioids (morphine and oxycodone) for that time period too, because I wanted to get back down to a baseline.
I still have horrific nerve damage, but I am happy to be off most of my meds. I just had a spinal cord stimulator implanted, so I am using that and self hypnosis/deep meditation daily to control my pain. It takes a lot of self discipline, but it is worth it because now I can really work to get my old body back.
Anyways, back to the main topic and the actual question: Why does my body not go through withdrawal? Has anybody else out there experienced this? I'm not complaining... I just think it is odd.