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Do folic acid help cure genital warts?

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Inactive 3 Apr 2013

Treatment of Warts

You can get treatment if you do not like how the wart looks or if it is painful.

Do NOT attempt to remove a wart yourself by burning, cutting, tearing, picking, or any other method.


Over-the-counter medicines are available to remove warts.

Do NOT use over-the-counter wart medications on your face or genitals. Warts in these areas need to be treated by a health care provider.

To use wart-removal medicine:

File the wart with a nail file or emery board when your skin is damp (for example, after a shower or bath). This helps remove dead tissue. Do not use the same emery board on your nails.
Put the medicine on the wart every day for several weeks or months. Follow the instructions on the label.
Cover the wart with a bandage to prevent it from spreading.

Special foot cushions can help ease the pain due to plantar warts. You can buy these at drug stores without a prescription. Use socks. Wear shoes with plenty of room. Avoid high heels.

Your doctor or nurse may need to trim away thick skin or callus that form over warts on your foot or around nails.

Your health care provider may recommend the following treatments if your warts do not go away:

Stronger (prescription) medications, such as podophyllin or salicylic acid
A blistering solution
Freezing the wart (cryotherapy) to remove it
Burning the wart (electrocautery) to remove it
Laser treatment for difficult to remove warts
Immunotherapy, which gives you a shot of a substance that causes an allergic reaction and helps the wart go away
Skin medicine called imiquimod
Genital warts are treated in a different way than most other warts.

A new medicine called veregen may be used on genital warts as well as other warts.

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kaismama 3 Apr 2013

Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus. Antiviral meds will decrease the outbreaks but there is no cure for them. See your doc about meds for it. free discount card

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