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Focalin XR D20, Why would a healthy 17 y/o female in great shape wont to take this RX?

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smith001 26 Sep 2010

My nephew was diagnosed, many years ago, at the age of 15. He said to his mother after leaving the doctor's office that he just thought he was weird. Ten years later when my daughter showed signs I was quick to have her tested and diagnosed.

Since my daughter has been on Focalin XR she has been able to stay on task and no longer struggles to get her school work done during the school day. Prior to using the medicine, we tried many behavorial programs. Some work for a while but always brought us back to the same place. More and more studies are showing that this is not just a child's problem but is more measurable against school work and the other children doing the same tasks at the same time. In the work place most of us have different tasks and stressors so it is not a controlled comparison. The 17 year old really needs to complete the ADD / ADHD questionaire in order to determine if testing this medicine is even worthwhile. Remember my daughter always got A's with or without the medicine, it was how long it would take her to get the work done that was the issue for us. Hope that helps! free discount card

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