I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 4. I've been on many medications. The one that actually helped me focus in school the most was Conceta. This last summer I stopped taking my medication since I didn't have school. When it came time for school I started back taking my medication and it made my head really cloudy and I was real emotional. So I asked my Doctor if I could try something else. So he prescribed me Focalin XR. I took it today and i got to first period (1.5 Hours after I have taken it). We were reading a book and I just couldn't focus on reading. Throughout the whole day my mind was just everywhere. And I felt like my emotions diminished, and I just had a bunch of racing thoughts. Aren't stimulants supposed to make you more awake and aware? I was tired throughout the whole day. Does it just take a couple weeks to get used to?