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What are other causes for focal seizures rather than the brain?

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truebliever 23 Jul 2014

Good morning booney100.there are a lot reason to have a seizure.You ask about focal which means it starts in area of the brain.It can be as simple as being tired,hungry,are your meds ok with you.Even the hot summer heat can cause a breakout.A female can have hormonal seizures.You can have a infection.Good Luck.I've been dealing with every kind of seizure for 34 yrs.My daughter has them,and always will

Stephen Treloar 23 Jul 2014

By definition a focal seizure is caused by abnormal electrical activity in one hemisphere of your brain, not both. Therefore all medically defined seizures originate in the brain.

If your are talking about muscular spasms/cramps/tetany that appear to have no known cause or trigger such as an electrolyte imbalance, a drug toxicity reaction or dehydration then it is still going to be a similar story.

Case 1. See your doctor about getting a referral to a neurologist but he will probably order blood work and/or diagnostic imaging (MRI with contrast or CT with contrast) to rule out conditions before that happens. It all depends on how the seizures are actually manifested and how often they occur.

Case 2. See your doctor and explain the symptoms. He will come up with a mental differential diagnosis and order blood work and diagnostic imaging (as above) to rule in or rule out certain causes and then take appropriate action (like referring you to a neurologist before or after bloodwork and/or diagnostic imaging).

Hope this helped?

kaismama 23 Jul 2014

Seizures are always caused by messed up signals in the brain. What causes them to be messed up can be different. If seizures are new to you, you should go to the er when you have one. You do need to see your dr about it. free discount card

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