Is there a point where it doesnt work any more? I was on Ability x 2 yrs when Dad died. I've been off it 1 yr now. I am also on Wellbutron SR qhs. Also started when dad died. I am currently under a lot of stress which I don't handle well. Is there a time that you should change Prozac to another rx? I am having a flare up of FMS and am in pain. I am depressed and don't want to leave the house. I am in between Drs and when I meet my new Dr. In Jan I am afraid he won't help me unless I have some backing or proof. I am not a hypochondriac. I am depressed and in pain. Pain Meds are ineffective. (generic Prozac does not work like the name brand) What should I do? Ask to go back on Abilify?, increase the Prozac?, change meds?