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Fluttering in my chest and have chest pain can I still take wellbutrin to stop smoking?

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Rajive Goel 11 Jul 2011

It would not be recommended to take wellbutrin as its side effects could perhaps aggravate the problems of the chest pain or fluttering.

However, please also do seek advice from a medical practitioner/pharmacist, take care, be well.

slick0893 11 Jul 2011

thank u, that was very helpful. i was thinking the same

Rajive Goel 11 Jul 2011

Most welcome, please try & give up smoking, I gave it up smoking for over 35 years, take care, be safe & well!

will it ever stop? 11 Jul 2011

I posed that question to my psychiatrist who prescribes Wellbutrin for me. His response... "sure, no problem". However,after reading the warning on the Wellbutrin leaflet, I am somewhat reluctant. I seem to recall that it said it can cause a rise in blood pressure also.

caringsonbj 11 Jul 2011

Just to be on the safe side if you haven't talked with your physician let him know about the chest pain, I believe this will be fine but just to be on the safe side mention that to him, It may be easily explained I am not so concerned about my answer I had a very close relative who was told by a friend things were fine he in fact did have a problem and when I see this type of question lets just say I would much prefer have you make your doctor aware than to just tell you everything is fine. I wish you only the very best!

LaurieShay 11 Jul 2011

Hey slick,

If you are having fluttering and chest pain please see your doctor. Quitting smoking is important, addressing the chest pain is critical. Wellbutrin (Zyban) may not be the best smoking cessation medicine for you given your symptoms. Please consult a doctor asap.

There are numerous avenues to stop smoking such as the nicotine patch or gum. But again, you other symptoms need to be addressed first and then get the advice from the physician as to the appropriate avenue to take to stop the smoking.

Best wishes,

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