My 17 years old brother was given "fluphenazine" by a neurologist to control his hyper activities such as running away from home or being aggressive at most times.

My family were told to give him 2mg but since his aggressiveness remained the same the neurologist suggested 4mg. He was only on the medication a little over one week until my family members noticed his action and behavior became very abnormal.

As quoted by my brother: "he was walking around, looking to the ceiling, spitting at the ceiling. He was twisting his neck so far to the sides that it looked like he was trying to break his neck and he was trying to say words, but with his eyes rolled up. He was walking around like he had nowhere to go, walking into walls. The doctor said that it likely the medicine he's taking that's making him psychotic."

I am curious if the medication fluphenazine can be more severe for autistic teens than it is for normal teens? And is it even FDA approved for those with autistic?

Any professional suggestion or insight into this will greatly be appreciated.