I suffer from OCD and general anxiety. I have never taken antidepressants before but am fed up of stressing over ridculous things, so my dr has prescribed antidepressants. I am yet to take any as all three i have been prescribed have tinnitus as a potential side effect. One of my current obsessive worries is getting tinnitus, so i can't bring self to take a drug that may cause tinnitus I have asked the phamacist which antidepressant do not have tinnitus as a side effect and he has suggested Fluoxetine. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is any risk at all of getting tinnitus as a side effect of taking Fluoxetine? I have looked at a leaflet from the pharmasist and it doesn't say it is a side effect but when i went on the NHS website it said it was. I don;t seem to get much joy from my dr re. potential side effects. Any comments/help would be appreciated.