I have been on so many different medications and eventually they just stop working. I have had OCD and Serve Anxiety/Panic Attacks since i was 17 and Im almost 30 now.
My doctor put me back on Fluoxetine cause it had work well in the pass but it isn't helping much now so he wants to add Clomipramine starting at 25mg with the 60 mg of fluoxetine im already on.
I of course look up all side effects for the new drug clomipramine and its giving me anxiety just thinking about taking it. I am looking for advice or people that have taken this or these together before.
I know everyone is different with how they react to medications but I need some answers if possible. Im not sure why Im so nervous to start this new medication I have been on so many different drugs trying to control my disorders and have never been this afraid but then again my anxiety has been pretty bad lately as well as my ocd.
Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks for reading,