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I have just gone from fluoxetine to Pristiq. Just wondering how long roughly do side effects last?

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WildcatVet 18 Aug 2016

Hi, L! It varies with each person, but for most folks side effects only last for a few days to a week or two. Most symptoms can be managed with home or OTC remedies.
Best wishes, Wildcat

chuck1957 23 Aug 2016

Lcowen' Just as Wildcatvet has said anytime now you should start to notice a change of any side effects Because you were already on fluoxetine it should be much easier for you. Just be aware it is very common for the increase in anxiety or keyed up feelings etc, But know within the next week or so this should be letting up and then continue to take it by the time you reach the 6 wk to 8 wk you should be noticing quite an improvement. In your case, it could be much closer. Try your best to stick with it. You well be in the clear anytime now.

Mmmarino25 2 Jul 2018

I have the same issue as I’m now in week 3 of Pristiq with side effects still - nausea, no appetite and stomach cramps. Is it possible for them to go away after three weeks?

WildcatVet 2 Jul 2018

@mmmarino. It's fairly unusual for side effects to last much longer than three weeks. What dose are you taking? You might consider asking your doctor if lowering your dose temporarily until you're better adjusted to the medication is an option.
Best regards, Wildcat

Mmmarino25 2 Jul 2018

Hi Wildcat. I’m taking 50 mg in the mornings with breakfast. I was a bit concerned to still have side effects in week 3 so thanks for answering! I will be contacting my doctor to check in and see what my options are. Maybe going down in dose for a while. Thanks again free discount card

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