Hi guys I'm 19 yrs old and I was diagnose with generalized anxiety and just started to take prozac 20mg two days ago, I woke up today in the night out of no ware like at 12 in what I think is a panick atak not full blown but have symtoms like feeling dizzy no heart palpitacions but have pain in my chest and just a chance of alert or danger i feel like I'm going to have a loose bawl movement and having some heart burn I would want to see the side effects of prozac but I will then worry because I was so against drugs I don't even drink over the counter meds like Tylenol or Advil I tried doing everything as natural as posible and it just kinda dirint work so I'm really anxious about my health and medicin any kind so I will overthink it I don't smoke drink or do any other drugs idk is this normal has anyone experience similar things again it's only my secon day on it and my dosage is 20mg oh and I drink lots of chamomile tea can that affect ?