I am a 27 year old male. I was prescribe fluoxetine 20mg for IED Intermmittent Explosive Disorder. I also have ADHD and was prescribed D-Amphetamine salt com xr 10mg generic for adderall. Ive been taking adderal for two years on and off. The adderall calmed me down but i would still blow up sometimes. I just started the fluoxetine three days ago and i cant feel the adderall at all. I also have not had more than 6 hours of sleep or had a full meal since i started. Ive tryied to have sex and suddenly lost my erection. Tried again the next night and nothing at all. I am calm but i dont have modivation to do anything or go anywhere. Ill start to do something then stop and go sit down. I dont feel much emotion at all. Is this normal just starting on fluoxetine and does it cancel out the adderall?