I need to know if this is normal... I have been having nausea, dizzieness, almost like my brain is moving (vertigo)? For 3 days, bad headache at night for 2 days, I woke up this morning at 5am with intense fear and panic, I had to take a lorazapam. It's been 4 weeks, I feel an uplift in my mood so far, but I still sometimes feel anxious and like there is a dark cloud looming over head, is this normal? I can't get into the dr. Today, I hoping for some reassurance to hang in there... I'm not suicidal but when I think of someone getting hurt, or gave a thought that " what if I did that" then I have panic and anxiety, is this normal too??? Sorry for asking so much, please tell me if any of you guys have felt with this and if it will improve as time goes on❤️Thanks so much