I have Seborrhea Dermatitis since 1 and half years ago. Now I started treatment because my condition going worse and I've lost too much hairs. My Dermatologist prescribed me Clotrim & Hivate and Salicylic Shampoo, but 1 month passed, I losing hair regularly. 20-25 hairs fall out daily. Meanwhile, acne appear on skin every another day even I using Polytar Soap. First, my skin become oily when I washed with soap, it become dry, whats the hell??? What should I do now? I already loss too much hairs and now I dont want to loss more hairs. On my 2nd visit, Dermatologist,
prescribed me additional Vibramycin (tablet) and Neomycin (Skin Ointment) and SKIN-A (Acne Crean), but 1 week passed, I still losing hairs and acne appears every another day... What should I do friends? Is it necessary to talk about Anti-fungal Medication to Dermatologist???