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Fluconazole - why am I still raw an want to scratch after my yeast infection?

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A_bit_tired 22 May 2014

The brief answer is your yeast infection is not gone and the itching is a symptom.
I have chronic yeast infections and it may be that the yeast is frequently recurring rather than totally eradicated. I think it is important to research yeast and fungal infections which are much different than bacterial infections. This will help you understand how yeast infections can stay on your body, are difficult to treat, and reoccur so easily. There are many types of yeast and having your distinctive type may be helpful in treating the condition.
My medication helps but only for a limited time. My condition reoccurs under stress, when I been in water such as rivers or lakes, or when I swevat too much in normal summer temperature. As soon as I noticed that distinctive itch, I will again apply cream to stop the infection from becoming worse. Like many I don't always treat the infection as long as I should. We always tend to stop when the symptoms seem to disappear but with yeast it hangs on and sometimes just hides.
I strongly cautioned you not to scratch the itching portions as I am now colonized with MERSA. For some of us when we scratch a yeast infection we break the skin allowing other bacteria and organisms invade our body. Doctors will no longer prescribe any medication for my psoriatic arthritis because of possibility of dying from yeast (fungal) infections. It is important to understand that this can be a condition that can incorrect with other conditions that you have.
I find treating the itching immediately to be extremely helpful and to occasionally proactively apply the yeast medication prior to events that are likely to stimulate a reoccurrence. Be sure to wash with mild but antibacterial soap even when no symptoms are occurring, dry well, and dry the area well before applying your medication. Applying warm compresses and then drying well can be very comforting for the itching. I have found wearing cotton cloths to soak up sweat helpful but general washing does not reduce the yeast on the clock so go them away.
I would strongly advise that you talk to an infection specialist if your doctor recommends it as this can be a lifelong issue and for some of us a major condition that affects the rest of our life.

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