Please get your flu shots if you haven't. No matter your health condition and those around you, it will be very important.

1. Nasal spray. This is one where immune suppressed people cannot receive it because it uses a live vaccine. If there are babies, pregnant women, or elderly, they should not receive this. If you get it you have to stay away from these groups for 48 hours at least, as they can catch the flu from you.

2. Injection. This has two versions. The dead vaccine for the general population. Or the one for immunosuppressed people which is done on two doses about six weeks apart.

3. Forget it. This is a poor choice as you stand a good chance to become ill if members of your family and friends chose not to do so. And anyone who thinks the government is using mercury to stabilize or itty bitty robots to track your life may find it helpful to adjust their meds. These things are not true. And, no, if everyone but you gets vaccinations you are safe? Tell that to the moms whose children are having the effect of measles because they were not immunized. In my day, kids died. Kids went deaf and blind. That still happens. Don't be fooled. Get the flu vaccine and protect those you love.