Hello friends. Lucky me. I spent the entire night in the uncomfortable ER waiting on tests for a very high fever and loss of strength. Got the flue and haven't been out of the house more than twice in two months. The doctor says the flu shot helped reduce symptoms, true, and received tamiflu. Zofran for vomiting. Became dehydrated within three hours. So much so that I was in the fourth IV bag before I vaguely felt normal. Temp 102.8F. As I asked earlier, did you get your shot?

Sent home because he says the hospital has too many sick people for someone like me with a suppressed immune system. Just wanted you all to know that this is a nasty flu this year. Be sure you have the shot so others aren't hurt. We think my exposure was on something brought home from the store. Stay well. I have five days tamiflu. If fever stays down, and congestion does not build, I should recover fine. Of course i do have oxygen at home and that is a big help. Karen