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Flomax - Is flowmax an over the counter drug or is it by prescription only?

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Inactive 3 Feb 2012

It is a prescription medication.-

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pup6767 4 Feb 2012

Dear me who... Flomax is a prescription drug only. It is classified as an alpha blocker. It is used in men to treat symptoms of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)--- basically an enlarged prostate that will call urine retention... Flomax helps with this problem. It is also used in women to treat urinary retention. Since Flomax is an alpha blocker, it can also cause a drop in blood pressure and causes what is called "postural hypotension which means that your blood pressure drops when standing up quickly causing dizziness and faintness.
It is important to inform your opthamologist when having cataract surgery beccause it causes the iris (the colored part of the eye) to become "floppy," thus making it more difficult for the surgeon when performing this surgery.
I have probably given you more info than you needed... but I wanted to be thorough. To treat the floppy iris, patients are given Atropine eye drops before surgery.
I hope all or some of this has helped you understand.l.lbe well and good luck... be well and God Bless... pup free discount card

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