They do not make me sleepy. I have experimented with higher dosage still no relief as my GP said would they would help. Also take Tylenol 4. I get miner relief taking it. At first he prescribed me hydrocodone 325mg 10 mg. that pain reliever did work better. A new law in our state changed the way they were prescribed and I would have to get a written prescription for them every time so he switched me to the Tylenol 4. I also alternate regular Tylenol and Advil along with the prescription drugs.I have been diagnosed with low bone density I am a male 51 years of age. My doctor did another x-ray on me and found A compression fracture. He sent me to have an MRI I have five bulging disc's and calcification in the area of the compression fracture. My back hurts all the time. So he is sending me to a Nero surgeon my appointment is in two weeks I just need to know how to answer his questions I have to work but I have to have some relief from this constant pain that never goes away the intensity varies with what I do during the day but the pain never stops. I'm cautious of any kind of back surgery from friends and acquaintances that I have not had good results with their back surgeries. Just need to be able to talk with this doctor and find out if there is a drug solution for my issues because I fear that they are not going to go away on their own and they will probably get worse as I age. And again as I said have to work. I'm in a sales job there is some lifting some heavy but mostly it's standing and helping customers but just the Mandane task of bending over a computer to type in information can be excruciating. I feel I have not detailed enough. Can you can help me with how to ask and answer questions with this doctor that I will be seeing it would be greatly appreciated.