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Can flexeril be crushed d/t inability to swallow?

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Marvell 7 Jan 2013

Yes, Flexeril can be crushed. It does not have any controlled release costing. But drink lots of water after you take the dose.

cupcake7667 7 Jan 2013

I have a question for you thomas187. Is the inability swallow d/t dysphasia? Meaning inability to swallow anything or are you just referring to pills? Usually, when people can't swallow pills, the nurses in my hospital crush them at put them in apple sauce. Often times people have an easier time swallowing things that are puréed or thickened. If this is a problem with food and liquids, you might want to see a speech therapist. Especially if your choking, gurgling, coughing while swallowing which can lead to aspiration pneumonia where the food or liquids gets into your lungs and would require hospitalization. I'd hate to see that happen. So I just thought I'd ask for a little more background. Warmest regards!!! free discount card

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