i have recently started on flagyl for a pretty bad tooth infection, i am also taking keflex, or cephaloxin what ever the generic for keflex is, also i was given oxycodone for pain, and that is to be taked every four as needed for pain i only took the oxycodone twice the second time i only took a half tablet because i though thats what was causing me to not be able to pee, anyway i was finally able to go on my own without having to be in the tub or shower, which i was having to do to pee, i took five showers in one day and ended up taking two at night on top of it so five showers in a 24 hour period just to urinate, finally this afternoon or more like evening, seven pm it had been sixteen hours since my last narcotic and i was finally able to urinate on my own in a toilete, i did have to sit there a good thirty or twenty mins working it out though, but since that single time i havnt been able to go at all, not even in the shower or the tub, i cant get a hold of my doctor to let him know whats going on so i am going to have to go walk into the emergency room and have myself catheterised, which is wonderful if uve never had it done you really should lol, it feels like u just wanna die, not only that i work here in this local small town emergency room i am a cna, emt and a tma 2 with a theraputic intervention liscense, im almost an RN couple more classes away, but anyway now all these girls that i work with not only are going to see me naked but there going to get to play with my goods while they try to slide a 20 in plastic tube up my urethra to drain my urine, or piss as we all call it up here at work. i really need to take a piss, please help me, let me know if anyone else has had this type of reaction or problem, i did have the same problem when i took tramadol, THis urine retention, but the narcotic sould be out of my system by now it only has a half life of like what was it something like 20 hours ma,ximum half life, wich really isnt so long when you take into account the other meds i have to take every day, which are, toporol 50mg, cardizem CR 300mg, slow=mag, potassium 20 meq's, and lisinopril 30mg all once daily except the lisinopril, and the toprol wich are twice daily. does any of the three new meds i am on react poorley or cause this urine retention, if they are working together, can they cause these problems, im also getting a terrible headach and my brain feels funny, like someone is pooring mountain dew on it or coke a cola or something carbonated, it just feels like something is laying on top of my brain, and it is moving in waives, alumanum foil is all i can think of, my brain feels like coke being poored on aluminum foil. ive only felt something like this once before and i had a seizure, a nasty grand mall seizure, so hopefully none of these medications i am on are lowering my seizure threshold. but it really does feel just like it did when i took that tramadol and had a nasty seizure, they feeling in my brain and the not being able to urinate. god i sure hope the pharmacy didnt mess up and give me tramadol again. please let me know on my ranting and raving what u think and if u have any ideas at all. im going to try shower one more time before i go to the ER to be cathed, god that really sucks, but it is really starting to hurt now it is way to full, i will prolly end up with a uti, or something ,gosh darn it any ways/.
thanks everyone who replies and who reads this, hope it helps someone else out who isnt able to pee. lmfao
a very young Man in lots of pain because he cant take a piss, L8tr