So I had a bad lung injury while playing lacross about 7 years ago now. I ended up messing up some ribs and my lung collapsed. My lung reinflated on its own and since then I have gone thru many tests for my breathing and lung capacity. Every doctor I have met, and there's been quite a few, tell me that there is nothing wrong with me. I know this to be false. So I am not sure if this problem is mental or what, but it has had a major strain on my life over the years.

I've narrowed the issue down to a couple of specific situations. When I'm talking, my breathing will sometimes get very bad and it will feel as though I'm gasping for area. It's something you'd think would happen at high elevations. Even if a pause for a few moments, my breathing will not return to normal until the situation is over. The situations that cause this is when I get even a little bit nervous or just a little bit excited. The specific examples that appeaer to have the worst effect is when I'm in a job interview (specifically phone interviews for some reason), when I'm delievring good news like a job promotion or talking about something I'm very passionate about.

I have been recommended inhalers before but refuse to go down this road. I can't pull out an inhaler in the middle of a job interview or business meeting that I'm presenting, I just can't. I'm trying to get more into yoga to try and control my breathing better. I hope that learning to find my center will help me control these high pressure situations for me and resolve the issue. The fact is, I don't get very nervous in these types of situations. So this problem is coming from almost nothing, I don't know how to make myself less nervous if I barely feel a thing in the first place. In the mean time, I'm desperate to find other means to help.