Hi last year I got the contraceptive implant on my arm, the morning after I got the implant I fainted whilst just standing normally brushing my teeth. This was out of character for me as I have never fainted in my life and I was only 17 at this point. However a month later I went on holiday, and on the flight which lasted 5 hours about 3 hours into the flight I started feeling dizzy and I just knew I was about to pass out and when I came around I didn't know where I was and it was all grey coloured and I let out a scream, this happened whilst i was sitting down and no one was aware i had passed out, after this had happen I let my relatives know and I started to take a cold swear and my clothes were soaking wet! I have been flying ever since I was young and nothing has ever happened like this. I never took any fits of any sort after this or fainted, until I went on holidays again this year with a friend this flight was also 5 hours long and again about three hours into the flight i did the exact same thing that happened the year previous the fitting and the cold sweat and the grey coloured vision. I went to the doctors after this had happened the first time and they said it could just be fainting, but should I be concerned ?