I stopped emptying my tank for a while, and although i used gloves, when the algae eater started vacuuming the frog, I tried desparately to get that out of the tank, and my arms inevitably got wet when the Molly's and the Platy's had babies I had to get into the barrier. Then I had a rash on my wrists that slowly increased to a severe infection that by first glance was misdiagnosed as a staff infection. It progressed to crusty patches of scabbed skin. I began Biaxin and Doxycycline and responded well for an infection that can last up until 6 months to 1 year. By the time I went to the specialist, he did not even believe me when I told him what I had. However, I did unfortunately tend to pick the scabs until I started wrapping up my arm I am scared now because there is severe scaring, and I am waiting hopefully for another scab, or some miracle since I lost my Vit E bottle to help with the scarring that almost resembles a chemical burn on my arm and is unsightly and I am a no sleeveless girl all year. Can someone that has had this disease or has knowledge of micobacterium malerium tell me how I can help get my normal skin back. LIKE I DO NOT KNOW IF MY INSURANCE WILL COVER A SKIN GRAFT--DO THEY HURT. HELP