I heard from a friend fish antibiotics are the same thing as human antibiotics so ive ordered a few antibiotics online i just got the shipment of 500mg fishmox can i use this to treat my infection is it a good idea to take this as a substitute for bactrim? will it work? I was wondering if i should order fish azithromycin instead??
I could use some help, im stuck in a tough situation, i went to get tested a while back about a year ago for chlamydia or gonorrhea since i had symptoms that hinted towards it, i was treated and the results came back positive for chlamydia. although i didnt go in and get tested until about a few months into the infection. After i was treated i was starting to see the symptoms again a few weeks later, i simply thought i got infected again and went back and got treated again this happened another time, and once more, I went in about 4 5 times and took some antibiotics provided by the free clinics. and finally one of the nurses or doctors thought i might have developed prostatitis based on where i described i was feeling the pain and burning. he prescribed me 30 day course of Bactrim, turns out 2 weeks into the course i was allergic, the 2 weeks though did even though i felt like i was about to die did a wonder on the prostatitis, i went back to see if they could switch out the medication for a different one, the guy who prescribed me the course was no longer there and the woman said planned parenthood cant prescribe or treat me for bacterial prostatitis since she didnt know how. i dont have health insurance or the money to get checked out by a physician getting these "fish antibiotics" and treating myself seems to be the only course of action left. Is there any recommendation on which antibiotics i should use and how much dosage every day and for how long?