Well I am new to the whole birth control scene so I don't know much about anything concerning it. I am looking for honest answers from people who would know whether or not I am a candidate for turning up pregnant. I started my period 13 days ago and the same day got a prescription for the birth control patch but my pharmacy didn't give it to me until six days later. So I get it and instead of wearing the entire thing I cut it into smaller pieces because I didn't like the idea of strong hormones being pumped into my system all at once, and I thought an elevated amount of hormone was an elevated amount of hormone either way and would work (in theory). Well since I didn't start the patch on day one of my period I guess I was supposed to use backup measures which meant to my SO to pull out and go right back in (we did it a few times in a row, only stopping so he could pull out and ej on my vulva... which is another story) and this happened the day after I placed on the fractionated patch. Three days later the same thing. Over the weekend I did not wear the patch because it fell off and I couldn't find the other one. But I did put on another fractionated patch on after the weekend right before he and I resumed our carnal activities (a few more times in a row with him actually finishing inside at least once) This is the week I would ovulate normally without the hormones... and I was wondering what are my chances of becoming pregnant? I already know about Plan B, I had an issue with that with the same guy some months ago and I never want to go through that "plan" again.
Would I still ovulate with the fractions of patch? Or would it be halted because of the extra boost of hormones?