... and they aren't able to locate it in any of their Kaiser pharmacies. My doctor is on vacation, but I sent an email hoping a nurse would get back to me. Nothing. Must be the holidays. I'm going to call again today. I'm shocked they can't find me any holdover pills to help me until my prescription arrives. Like I said, this has never happened before, and I've been on Viibryd a long time.

Yesterday was rough. I started to get itchy and irritable by the afternoon. My body just feels "off." I was petrified to go to sleep last night, fearing brain zaps and horrific nightmares. I had a few bad experiences but then fell asleep. Not a nightmare, just a very vivid dream, snd those are fine.

Not sure what to expect today and tomorrow. Will it get worse? Then I start thinking, maybe this is my opportunity to get off this drug for good? Not sure how bad withdrawal will be, or how my body will feel after it.

Anyone have suggestions to get me through these next few days? I think when my doc gets back from vacation he'll be furious the pharmacy and psych department didn't help me more.
Thank you