My name is Deana, and I'm fifteen. I've just been prescribed zoloft for anxiety, 25 mg. I have taken Paxil before, and it helped, but like a nut, I stopped it, causing me bad mood swings, but not anything much. This is my first day on it, and i feel kinda tired, and i thought my stomach was nauseous or upset, but it could be just me making myself sick with nervousness again. My hands shake a little, but I thought it was because I scared the heck out of myself with reading reviews of the med I'm on now. I know this medicine works better or worse, cause it varies from person to person, but im wondering, when do side effects stop? And when do benefits start? And will I feel or be sick alot? I'm an emetophobic, so I reaaally don't want that. I want no complications, i just want to be calm and okay, and less miserable from self-suffering. please tell me there's nothing to be afraid of!