I've been dealing with mild acne for awhile, along my jawline and the corners of my mouth, it's not awful but I do breakout still, which leaves splotchy red marks that takes forever at times to fade, my skin tends to flare up at times and when it's that time I usually do breakout, sometimes worse than others. I went to the dermatologist for the first and he prescribed me clindamycin .1 to use twice a day after washing my face, then at night I use Retin a 0.025, I just dab a bit on my problem areas, I've been only using this for three days now, I'm experiencing some dry skin but mostly redness and burning, which I know is normal, but I'm scared for this breakout that is suppose to happen, especially because I start school in 2 weeks, I'm hoping my skin doesn't go through too much of a breakout, but I guess we'll see? But how long will it be until I see results?