Hello all this is my first time on this site and my first time ever taking an antidepressant. I literally just started today on Zoloft. In the past year I've had some major traumatic things happen (divorce, loss of job, death of parents and more). I have a very nice life and nice house, I have my Masters degree and many friends, 3 young daughters and I'm now dating a man (younger by 10 years!) I hate that I can't seem to find joy and much of anything anymore. I find myself being so depressed about the loss of my father who I wasnt even close to my whole life. I snap at my kids and have no patience. I argue constantly with this new man and my children have heard it sometimes and I hate that I am setting that kind of example for them.
I write this because I have always been a very happy and nice, outgoing person. Upon reading the reviews about Zoloft I started to get nervous, between most user reviews stating sickness, diarrhea, lack of sex drive, and more.
I would love feedback from real people instead of sites on the web, such as realistically when does Zoloft kick in, what can I expect in anyone's experience being 44 years old and never on any antidepressants before, is weight gain or loss typical? How long would anyone think I would be on this, my doctor said maybe six months to a year but if I go off and want to go back I can. And what about the sex drive, as I said I'm dating a much younger man so that's particularly important (ha).
Thanks so much for any feedback.