My first time on Depo shot was March 20th 2017 I didn't start my period until April 3rd 2017. it usually goes off to 5 to 6 days but me being on this Depo shot it's been on for 8days and I think it's going stay on some more days. I mean it's like it's wanna go off but it's not it's brown nothing coming out no bleed or browness but 2 or 3 hours have to pee and i whip it's brown then I wait another 3 hours to check it it's brown and a lil pink but nothings on the panty liner it's been like this for 3 days now and I don't think it's going to go off . It needs to I'm tired of it being on its ruining my nice days of wearing nice outfits on a pretty day. Is it going go off completely any time soon or what .